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Today’s Headlines

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here are a collection of headlines from around the Interwebs (with my commentary, of course)…


‘Idol’ May Have Lady Problems ( 
Okay, first, Billy Idol is still alive? Second, why do we care about his lady problems.

Are cavities really contagious? (
No, but this damn case of the clap I got in Thailand is.


Pink used by Libya rebels to alert NATO jets (
She seems to be everywhere these days. I’m curious how exactly they are using her. I’m sure Bin Laden is distressed to hear about his brothers in Islam giving it to the American infidel. 

Salmonella in water frogs sickens 217, mostly kids (
I guess Applebees will have to take frog legs off the kids menu now.

‘Housewives of D.C.’ canceled (
:’-( Where’s my gun?

‘Jersey Shore’ cast signs on for season 4 (
Why can’t Al-Qaeda have do us a favor for once?

What if you get sucked out of a plane? (
You die.

Fox News:

Carrie Underwood: My faith is the reason for my success (
Or…it’s the fact that you’re really hot. Whichever.

Hackers attack websites of Russian newspaper (
Did they run out of midget porn?

Texans may soon be able to drive 85 MPH (

Maine’s Marijuana State University unveiled (
Perhaps this is why they were named the most peaceful state.

Have a delightful weekend.