Posted: January 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am going to try to walk the fine line of not sounding like a complete bigot here, but what is it with “minorities” and “respect?” Why is the act of perceived disrespect always the excuse for killing someone, hurting someone, or…acting like a complete fucking nut job, as illustrated by this video and article: http://www.kmbc.com/news/22219932/detail.html.

Seriously. This wacko thought it was acceptable to trash a McDonald’s because she felt disrespected? Oh, okay. That makes it all better. Let’s just drop the charges and throw her a fucking parade for standing up for disrespected people everywhere.

Look dildo, you just set your people (yes, I said it) back like 100 years with that behavior. Not only do you like like a complete and utter idiot on the video, but you back that up in your interview. Black people get a bad enough rap for shit like this anyway; you’re just making it worse. Maybe Al Sharpton needs to step in and slap you silly. Seriously though, I think you need to be a little less worried about the perception of respect and a little more worried about that hairdo. Really. Purple? Are you a Minnesota Viking? Barney? Grimace?

Truth of the matter is, these people work at McDonald’s. Let me say it again. These. People. Work. At. McDonald’s. You say you worked at McDonald’s, and while I am not surprised, you of all people should understand that the gene pool floor is routinely scraped in order to fill vacant slots. Think back to the days when you were scraped off the gene pool floor and given a chance to do something better with yourself. Learn the values of flipping burgers and adding too much salt to fries. Those are invaluable life lessons. Are you so far removed from your time there that you have forgotten that they aren’t disrespecting you, but rather are just trying to give you something that they spit on since you were quite obviously being a complete twat right out of the gates.

Also, I have news for you sista, you need to get that “customer is always right” shit out of your head right now. The customer is never right. Ever. Period. The customer is catered to for fear of retribution, but the customer is never right. About anything. At any time. At any place. Your life will be much more pleasant, retail establishments will be much safer, and your rap sheet will be much smaller if you just realize this, embrace it, and move on with your violent, albeit comical, existence.

I think out of principle the DA should refuse to plea bargain for this dimwit so she is stuck working at McDonald’s the rest of her life.

Treat others as you want them to treat you because what goes around comes around.


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