Posted: May 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I love this country as much as the next person. Nowhere else could I blog like I do and not get arrested (well, nowhere else as cool). That being said, even though I love this country so much, there is one thing that I do not feel compelled to do: sing the National Anthem at a ballgame.

Lady behind me at the baseball game, here’s a tip: you can’t sing. We don’t want to hear you sing. In fact, you probably don’t even want to hear you sing. I know, I know. You love this country and just can’t help but sing loudly and off key when that tune is being played; I get it. But, there is good news….there is medication you can take for it. Maybe, say valium, mixed with a vodka tonic. Or, say, cyanide. Whatever. Just stop making my ears bleed. Please and thank you.
You’ve been Blackberried!

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