Posted: April 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a scheduling trend here at work. I don’t think most people would notice this trend but, due to my mild OCD, I can’t help but draw attention to it.

For those of you out of the know, I work in an office; just a normal office. There is a variety of other people that work here: old and young; black and white; tall and short. And like all offices with a variety of people, there are restrooms. Our restrooms have the standard urinals, but with the nice divider between the urinals (thank you!). At this point, you may be asking why am I telling you this? Here’s why…

For the past two weeks, I seem to be on the same pee schedule as someone else that I work with. Nice guy; older. Beyond the fact that it is strange that you can get on such a schedule with someone with no pre-arrangements, there isn’t really anything wrong with this set up, with the exception of one thing: He’s a pee-talker.

What is a pee-talker, you might ask? Well, for guys, a pee talker is someone that sidles up into the stall next to you and proceeds to have a conversation with you while you are trying to drain the main vein. I, as you can probably guess, am not a pee-talker. Going to take a leak is not social hour for me, nor is going to drop off a dinky load for that matter. Going to the restroom is a thing of necessity, nothing more.

How does one broach the subject of not pee-talking? Do you wait until you both exit the restroom and then say, “Hey man, I appreciate what you are saying, but I like to pee in peace.” Or do you call it out right in the middle, “Look, I’m trying to evacuate my system of unnecessary fluids, can we talk about this later?” I’m perplexed on how to bring it up, but I can’t let this continue to happen if me and this dude are going to be pee-pals. I wonder if this is how parents feel talking to their kids about drugs?

Come on in please, I’m trying to get your son to explain why he would drop a duke in the urinal!
–Mr. Mackey



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