It’s not their fault

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

As some of you know, there are a few things about me that I consider to be constants. The first thing is, of course, that I am under 6′ tall. The next, as you can imagine, is that I tend to get a little, shall we say, riled up. Beyond both of those facets of my being, there is one thing about me that has been so deeply ingrained into my essence as a human being that it supersedes many other parts of my personality. I am, my friends, a dog lover.

I have owned dogs, or been around dogs, for nearly all of my thirtysomething years. I was born into this world with a dog at my side and I will most likely die with a pack of dogs surrounding me. Dogs, to me, are not only pets but they are members of my family. If I had a choice between eating and feeding my four-legged children, I would most likely feed the children (I could, after all, barbecue them later…I kid!). They are the only creatures on this planet that will love you unconditionally and will forgive you immediately.

Yesterday, I was disturbed to read a story that said, in a nutshell, that many states were considering banning pit bulls. Now, I don’t own a pit bull, nor have I ever owned a pit bull. I know plenty of people that have owned them and much like every other dog, I found them to be sweet and docile and lovable. But also like every other dog, they will only be as sweet as their owner allows them to be. Their bond with man is so strong that they will listen and learn exactly what man tells and teaches them, nearly without exception.

What does a ban on pit bulls mean exactly? Does that mean that they will round up all the pit bulls across the land, much like Hitler did with the Jews and euthanize them? I have a hard time thinking that would not be the case. After all, a ban means that X is not allowed in Y any longer and considering the irrational nature of a lot of people, the most likely means certain doom for these pups.

Because of the irresponsibility of a few, it seems that everyone has to pay. As you have heard me say before, minority rules in this country. While we do live in a democratic society for the most part, the needs of the few will always outweigh the needs of the many. And when that is not the case, the few will lawyer-up and make the many pay.

Instead of banning pit bulls, I have a better solution, and a truly novel one at that. How about, get this, we keep certain people from owning dogs? Sounds trite, right? How about, instead of rounding them up and killing them, you round them up and place them in loving, responsible homes? How about we take the pit bulls from all the ghetto birds that have seen one too many Snoop Doggy Dogg videos and give them to people who will actually love the dog? It should be pretty easy to accomplish. Drive around. Find the chain link fences. Find the dogs tied up, outside, behind said chain link fences and save them.

If you think about it, what kind of life is that anyway? Hell, if I were a dog chained up outside all day I would certainly escape too and take out my anger on the humans that chained me up. So in essence, the anger and outbursts of these beautiful animals is not their fault. It is, quite simply, the fault of the people that allow or even encourage these dogs to exhibit aggressive behavior. We have begun blaming parents for the activities of their juvenile delinquents, isn’t it about time we hold the same standard to pet “owners?”

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.
–Mark Twain


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