Posted: December 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

I still can’t seem to get used to this fucking time difference. Here I am, at 1:30 in the morning, writing. Of course, it is 7:30 back home, and I just don’t think my brain can wrap its wrinkles around this. I conked out earlier, after some pub beers and a room service steak, but wouldn’t you know that I woke up and BING! here I am.

This has been an…experience thus far. Here are my thoughts at the end of day five (or beginning of day six if you like that better):

  • British TV sucks. Or, rather, British TV at your hotel sucks. I just watched Sylvester Stallone in Lock Up from start to finish.
  • Apparently they swear freely on British TV. Take note FCC.
  • They also show boobs on British TV. Once again, take note FCC.
  • I find myself weaving in and out with a British accent. I don’t know how many times I’ve said “right-o” over the last two days.
  • I had a nice, heated discussion about the Patriot Act with a drunk, very British, baldheaded lesbian dressed in a three piece suit.
  • After the aforementioned discussion, and an undetermined number of pints, I passed out in the cab and missed the cabbie getting out of the cab, walking over to another cab, and screaming profanities and racial epithets at another cabbie. Damn my drunkeness!
  • Like all big cities, people in London are in too big of a hurry to smile.
  • There are two types of hairstyles for British men: bald and bedhead.
  • It is damn near impossible to find Patron in this town but Corona is huge.
  • Brits are amazed that we (Americans) can live in a country so huge.
  • Brits really do hate GW.
  • I can’t get over black people with British accents.
  • This really is an alcohol based culture and to be quite honest, I fucking love it.

And that is it for now. Between my lack of sleep and consumption of alcohol, and the fact that that it gets dark here at 4pm, I haven’t really had a chance to see anything too touristy. I suspect though that, when I do, I will have plenty more fodder to share.

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy

–Frank Sinatra



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