Posted: August 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s almost here. Football season. The best five months of the year. Summer changes to fall, and fall changes to winter. The bugs go away and spending a weekend locked inside, hypnotized by the glare of the television becomes socially acceptable. What’s not to love?

Many of us toil through seven months of athletic boredom just to get to this point. We suffer through the NBA. We suffer through 100 something games of Major League Baseball (162 games plus playoffs in all, but by the time we get to that point we are basking in the glow of football). We suffer through the joke that is the Arena Football League (let’s be honest, nobody suffers through it, we suffer around it). And this year, we must suffer through the Olympics, hosted by our friends the cheating Chinese. But when August comes along, and the season begins to ramp up to its first act, all the suffering seems worth it, and clearly becomes a figment of our imagination in the rear view mirror that is hindsight.

I am particularly excited this year. Well, let me clarify that. I am particularly excited for the NFL season, but mildly nervous for the college football season. After watching my Texas Longhorns lose to Kansas State, and the loathed Texas A&M Faggies over the past two years, my confidence has been shaken. This year could be especially difficult due to games against Kansas and Missouri. If the Longhorns were to lose both of those games, due to my geographical location, I might as well crawl under a rock and start sucking my thumb.

But then there is the NFL and my beloved Dallas Cowboys. Ahhh, the NFL…a real man’s game. Much better than cricket or shuffleboard, and certainly a million times better than the thuggish joke of the NBA. I enjoy watching any NFL game, at anytime. Call it obsession if you will but I was raised on it, and if I ever have children, they will be too. I bleed Cowboy Blue. It’s true. Slice my arm and find out. Because of this I have spent the last seven months not only longing for the return of football season, but stewing over the loss to the New York Giants in the playoffs. I have spent the last seven months stewing over a bogus pass interference call; over a dropped pass by Patrick Crayton; over the constant distraction that is Jessica Simpson.

All is well now though. My stewing is done and a fresh start has arrived. My man-crush on Tony Romo has been renewed and my confidence is sky-high. The Giants will suck. The Eagles will falter. The Redskins will stumble. And the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl. Crack open a keg and let the drinking begin.

Baseball is what we were. Football is what we have become.
–Mary McGrory


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