What happens when…?

Posted: August 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

According to the U.S. Census bureau, by 2050, “minorities” will make up the majority of the population in the United States. This little stat, while no surprise, got me to thinking about that fact and prompted me to pose the following question: what happens when non-Hispanic Caucasians (i.e.–white people) are no longer the majority in this country? It is certainly an interesting question to pose, albeit a controversial one. News outlets won’t talk about this fact, and you, my dear Reader, most likely will not discuss it openly with your non-white friends and colleagues. I, however, do not feel the need to shy away from such a discussion because it is an interesting topic.

Obviously the world is not going to end when whites are no longer the majority in the country. Considering our open borders, the alarming rate that Hispanics reproduce, and the state of affairs in Latin countries such as Cuba and Mexico, it should come as no surprise that Hispanics will make up a good majority of the population in the U.S. (I would say “citizens” but that’s a conversation for another day). I have no problem with this fact and I do not think it changes our country much, so long as we continue to remain the “land of the free.” We (white, black, green, blue, pink, whatever) should have no problem with the cultural make up of our country if the majority of the people in this country are productive and responsible members of society. That aside, as a white guy, there are many things that are currently in play, and directed towards whites, that should go away when we are no longer the majority (sidebar here: they should go away anyway, but more argument can be made for these changes when whites are no longer seen as the “dominant” race in the country).

Here are the things that pique my curiosity:

  • Affirmative action–this is geared towards giving “minorities” a better shot at a higher education. While I agree that it is well intended, it can be viewed as an entirely racist policy. When whites are no longer the majority, do whites get affirmative action protection?
  • “You owe me” syndrome–will we finally forget about the events of 150-200 years ago (i.e.-slavery) and move forward in a positive manner? When whites are no longer the majority, is it possible that other races could put the events of the past behind them and stop feeling entitled to something simply because of something done by a bunch of ignorant fucks centuries ago? And let’s be honest, there is a silver lining here. While there is no doubt that slavery was a dark time for our country, would our country be as diverse without it? Forgive, but never forget, but at the same time, get over it.
  • “Poor me” syndrome–everyone is in charge of his or her own destiny. I don’t care what the color of your skin is or the cards you are dealt, the choices you make as an individual, as a human being, are ultimately up to you. When whites are the minority in this country, will they stopped being blamed for “holding down” other races? Will people of various races take responsibility for their lives and stop grasping at straws for blame? When a finger points it eventually points back to you.
  • Guns, drugs, gangs, and death–when whites are no longer the majority, will the segments of the population, which will now be the majority, seek to find solutions to the problems that have plagued these segments for decades? Let’s not mince words here, and if I offend someone I don’t care, but will the blacks get the gun, drug, gang, and subsequent death situation under control? Will Hispanics do the same? Or will they continue to kill each other until they are no longer the majority? There will come a point where you cannot blame it on another segment of the population (whites) and police it from within. Yes, I know it’s a stereotype. Get over it. It’s a stereotype for a reason. Overcome it. Make it a thing of the past.
  • The South–Alabama, Mississippi. and all the other ass backwards, Confederate flag flying states, will you finally wake up and understand that other races are people too? Will you finally understand that they, like you and your three teeth, your sisterly wife, and third grade education, are Americans and deserve to live life to the fullest, without being called names of course? Or do we need to round all of you up and ship you off to a deserted island to incestuously procreate? I could see it happening so you better shape up.

It is an interesting reality that we will face in the next 40 years, and not something we should be afraid of. At the same time, it should not be something we should fear discussing. Ultimately, 40 years from now, race and skin color should be a thing of the past and the words “color blind” should take on new meaning. If it does not, we are doomed to repeat the history of the past, except white people will be on the other end of the stick. Remember, it is “One Nation, Under God,” not “One Race, Under God.”

The relationship between races has been give and take for too long. It’s high time we turn it into a give and give relationship. This will start with responsibility, for all individuals, no matter the skin color.

All right, we’ll give some land to the niggers and chinks, but we DON’T WANT THE IRISH!
–Olson Johnson

(By the way, that quote is from Blazing Saddles and the genius that is Mel Brooks. So before you rape my email address with hate mail for the words chosen, rent the movie, watch it, absorb the message, and laugh.)



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