You May Have Noticed…

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

…that I changed the name of my purely self-gratifying blog. Before you bombard me with emails as to why, let me tell you. I came to the realization that my posts previously altered ego has become fully integrated with my public-facing ego. Upon this realization, I found it a trifle bit silly to continue with the previous title of this here bloggy blog. I also realized that just about everything posted is whimsical in nature, and sure as hell does not make any sense. Hence, I changed the name in order to better reflect the material contained herein.

On that note, and ever so briefly, today, I wish I was a frog. Again, before you get all crazy with the “whys” and what not, let me explain why I have this wish on a Tuesday morning. I hate flies. Frogs eat flies. That’s a perfect fit in my mind. But also, how cool would it be that peeing in someone’s hand when they pick you up is socially acceptable? I would argue VERY cool, awesome even. Further, I could have a super quick tongue, and I would most likely be a stronger swimmer than I am today, not to mention all the time outdoors.

Where’s a genie when you need one?

I don’t wanna be buried in a pet cemetary.
–The Ramones


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