Posted: April 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Let me preface this post, my loving Reader, by advising you that I am, um, mildly intoxicated. I did a slow dance with my good buddy Patron, and because he is such a good dancer, I have found myself in the midst of the vapors.

I know that they call a fall summer “Indian Summer,” but what do they call a spring winter? I have long professed my love of the snow, but there comes a point in time when the cold temperatures need to exit in favor of the warmer, flip flop-wearin’ degrees. Once again my friends I am on the road. This evening, as I write to each of you, a cold, steady rain is pouring down, and under normal circumstances I would find such an event to be mildly pleasing, erotic even. However, on this night, I find it to be somewhat of an annoyance.

Much like my last roadie post, I have no singular subject matter. In fact, I really have nothing of value to say. But as my dance with Mr. Patron ended (and before you get all freaked out by the “Mr.” part, understand what Patron is), and I headed back to my home, home on the road, I realized that the cold rain really got under my skin. I would like to think that this irritation has set me off on some path of enlightment; a path that I would share with all of you. Alas, it has not. It has just made my toes blue and my shirt damp. I thought about hitting the local bar for a wet-t-shirt contest, but then a couple of things occurred to me (even in my slightly drunken stupor): 1. I only have A-cups…who wants to see those? 2. I’m a guy. 3. I’m wearing a black t-shirt.

I decided that, instead of seeking out a local establishment, that I would return to my home away from home and break off a little meaningless, utterly rambling post. I think I have successfully accomplished these goals, and with that, I bid thee farewell. Peace in the Middle East ya’ll.

Why don’t you tell me that it’s almost over.


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