Midnight Snack

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Haveyouevertriedtoreallytypewithoutusingthespacebar?If youtryitforanylengthoftime,you’llrealizehowdifficultitis.IliketodothisandcounthowmanytimesIhitthespacebar,sortoflikeagame.Ialsoliketotimemyselfandseehowlongittakesme,whonormallytypesaround90WPM,totypeanythingofalittlesubstance.Fortherecord,6times,andaboutthreeandahalfminutes.

It’s fun. It will drive you absolutely crazy. But even better, it will drive others around you crazy. Try it. Try it at work. Try it at church. Or, here’s a thought, send a complaint letter to a company without any spaces. How excellent would it be to be able to inject a little stress into someone else’s life? Almost as much fun as wiping earwax on the end of a pen of someone you know that chews on pens. The look on his or her face alone would be absolutely priceless. Both seem like good torture tactics for Al-Qaeda…I should send them a letter.

So I read something fun this evening and, for all of you arachnophobes out there, you should appreciate it. Did you know…the average person eats 8 spiders in a lifetime whilst sleeping. Not one or two, but EIGHT! I am sort of, no, incredibly curious how that is accomplished. Do that many people sleep with their mouths open? Are there that many small species of spiders that are able to go over the lips and through the gums, look out stomach, here it comes (I could’ve totally botched my own little rhyme there)? Maybe there is a large population of spider eaters throughout the world and their overabundance of spider ingestion has skewed the numbers for the rest of us. Moreover, how did someone come up with this statistic? Life’s fantastic mysteries.

I must admit, I was delightfully appalled when I read this. I was so appalled at this thought that I figured I would share it with you, and say sweet dreams!

Wookin’ pa nub in all da wong places, wookin’ pa nub


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